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The staff was so wonderful and kind. It’s wonderful to know this kind of emergency vet care is available here in Fairmont.

Rebecca G.

Amazingly professional and caring. The care and extra attention they provided for us and our Simba cat was outstanding. They went above and beyond in their care for our cat in his final moments. We are very grateful.

Heidi S.

This is a great place to take your pets when they get sick or injured after regular vet hours. My dachshund was one of their first clients when they first opened up. Over the years, I’ve had all my pets here with great results. It seems like they always get sick on weekends or holidays. My only complaint is that the driveway is steep & dangerous, especially if it’s the middle of the night & you have never been to the clinic before.

Karen L.

Thank you so much for the sympathy card for my Marley. Thank you for being so kind and compassionate. You are all wonderful people doing a wonderful job. I am comforted knowing you are there when we need you. Thank you for all you do and know that you are appreciated, each and every one of you.

Teresa K.

We have unfortunately had to make visits to the clinic several times in the past year. Every time our pups have received great care. The staff are kind and caring and take time to explain things. We are very thankful we have the clinic to go to when our boys aren’t feeling well!

Mollie C.

On 12/26/16 we had to bring our doberman Deuces Wild in. He had Wobblers Syndrome for over a year, but this day he was in extreme distress for something unrelated. It was shortly before you opened, but an employee let us in and called Dr. Pittman who was on her way. We had lost our other doberman on 4/17/16 unexpectedly, so making the decision to let Deuce go was especially heartbreaking. Thank you NCWV Vet Emergency Clinic for your kindness, compassion, and caring during this time. You allowed us as much time as we wanted before and after with Deuce to make sure he knew how loved he was! You are all special people!

Angie T.

Kind. Professional. Informative. Clean. They have earned my trust.

Janet G.

Caring, quick care for our pup when needed. Thankful we have such good vet service in the area.

Tara S.

No words can describe how wonderful and caring the staff are at this clinic. I will always be thankful for them!

Shannon W.

They have been so good with our bulldog -Bert Star. So caring and concerned

Cindy K.

I have the Million Dollar Dog! She is a Labradoodle and is high in energy. She is too clever for any one person but she is as sweet as can be. I love this dog so much and NCWV has saved her life! Dr. Ramono saved my little girl! He managed to repair the lining that holds her intestines in place and put her intestines back where they belonged. The crucial 48 hours after surgery were agonizing. We didn’t know if our little girl would survive. This was after her second birthday (March 30th) and her surgery was April 3erd. She pulled through and has made a complete recovery. Thanks to Dr. Ramono and his team we have our little girl.

If you are getting a puppy or have a troublesome pup that gets into things. consider PAWS insurance. My babygirl is our Million Dollar Dog!

Rosie M.

I would like to say thank you… Thank you for being so kind and compassionate in our time of need. I had to have my boxer Jade put to sleep on the 22nd. You all were so kind and let my daughter and I spend as much time with my bean. I also would like to thank you all for the card. It means a lot! Thank you and thank you for understanding even when I was a mad mess of tears etc.

Tanya C.

Terrific vet and staff they were there when we needed them the most. As our beloved Dinker needed emergency care and these folks were professional polite and kind in the middle of the night. I hope not to need them but if I do I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

I highly recommend this emergency clinic!

Dan R.

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